what does easy2trade mean for you?


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Easy2trade is also available as a Multi-Company-version, for companies with multiple branches. Some advantages of two or more installation of the standard package are:
  • Each branch keeps its own supply-, sales-, buying-, warehouse- and production administration, but all data is stored in one central database, so aggregation of branch numbers is made possible.
  • The available supplies at other branches can be seen and reserved.
  • General system settings are centrally kept.
  • Base information about articles, clients and contracts can be centrally maintained, while all branches can individually work with it. Other than an increase in efficiency (no double input), this leads to a consistent way of working within the organisation as a whole.


Easy2trade is available in both Dutch and French. All documents sent to suppliers and clients can be printed in Dutch, French, English and German.


Party registration

INAD has developed a material registration system, which enables the steel wholesale to choose between registering the full supply chain per charge, or register it based on a DoP (Declaration of Performance). In the latter case, sometimes a certificate may be required.

The supply of articles can be registered in different parties for different batches. This ensures traceability.

The DoP option offers the steel wholesale the possibility to incidentally meet the demand for products with certification. There is also the possibility to execute logistics without batch registration, which cuts costs. An important lead is that only articles from suppliers with a DoP are sold. The advantage of this option is that the current logistics can be sustained with little modification.



Easy2trade is suited for the steel industry, because it works with various units (Pieces, kg, m and m² and derivatives like tonnes or hectometres). For instance, steel can be bought in tonnes, with a price per tonne, then stored per piece, and then sold per piece (possibly sawed in a certain length), with a price per 100 kg. All documents, including offers, order verifications and buying orders, which are sent to clients and suppliers, can directly be sent from Easy2trade via e-mail or fax (SMTP connection).


Easy2trade features an integrated complaint system. Complaints can be put into the system, for instance, based on orders. The follow-up of complaints is supported with tasks. Because various pieces of information about the clients are registered, many analyses are possible, based on which you can take action to prevent further complaints.