what does easy2trade mean for you?


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  • Input of all kinds of texts, displayed on the right documents.
  • Automatic check-up of things like profit and client credit score.
  • Automatically sending offers, offer confirmations, call-off and consignation confirmations.
  • Pro forma invoices.
  • Follow-up of offers is sent in Easy2trade with the help of the workflow management system.
  • Converting (parts of) offers into orders with a single mouse-click.
  • Immediate information about supplies and outstanding buying orders.
  • Automatic calculation of prices and discounts for orders, and specified product processing. Among other things, all steel industry pricing structures can be established very easily.
  • Comprehensive contract administration. Easy2trade allows you to tailor contracts with clients, including things like discounts (% or euros), net pricing, scale discounts, base- and miscellaneous costs, various surcharges, shipping costs, etc. Every contract can be assigned a starting date and an ending date.
  • Registration of client visits and telephonic contacts.