what does easy2trade mean for you?


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easy2trade for the Manager

Easy2trade is a logical step towards efficient business operations. The processes within the business are made transparent by setting employees to set tasks. These tasks are completed step-by-step, so that nothing is forgotten: following up on offers, orders, buying, deliveries or other activities.

Tasks in Easy2trade have a signalling function, so that managers can intervene if the process is not going according to the planning.


Balanced Score Card

With Balanced Score Card, the directors and managers have immediate insight in the current state of affairs within the organisation, in both the financial and personal fields. By using Balanced Score Cards, an up-to-date overview is generated of the operational activities, including responsibilities and competences. There are also various KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), giving quick insight in the state of affairs.  A scorecard profile can be set for each manager, so that he or she only sees the relevant KPIs.


easy2trade has many reports

Easy2trade offers many reports, customisable according to your needs. These reports, among other things, things like:

  • Turnover, sales in quantities and weight, profit in money and percentages on various levels (such as clients, client groups, articles, article groups, turnover groups, order types, representatives, salesmen, countries)
  • Turnover compared to budget
  • Offer scoring
  • Visit- and contact information
  • Complaint analyses
  • Analysis of completed works and production
  • Transport costs, routes
  • Stock in euros, quantities, weights, also historical
  • Buying results
  • Buying behaviour in money, weight and quantities on various levels
  • etcetera