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about Easy2trade for field operatives:

"With Easy2trade on the iPad, our field operatives can switch a lot faster”

"Our representatives have an iPad, on which they use Easy2trade. That way, they have access to all current information needed to be of optimal service to our clients. Previously, the representatives prepared the next day’s visits at night, and they took all kinds of reports to clients. Now they have all that information on their iPads. This saves a lot of paper, but, more importantly, also a lot of time. All information about turnovers, outstanding offers and outstanding complaints, but also about notes from earlier visits is made visible within a few clicks.

The representative is able to act more quickly. This week, one of them was able to score a contract by looking at and changing an offer on the iPad, after which it was directly converted into an order. So it doesn’t just save time and paper, it also build even better relationships with our clients.

We haven’t been working with the iPad for very long, but we already we have made a great profit from it, and we keep discovering new possibilities with it. "