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Richard Embregts, head of Supply department at Bressers Metaal B.V.

"easy2trade mainly excels because of its clarity and transparency"
"The screens can be positioned according to the user’s wishes, which greatly enhances the user experience.

Because of the narrow interconnectedness of sales and supply chains, easy2trade is a great help to me as a buyer, as the task system triggers me to buy or request supplies at the right moment. We are now able, for example, to send a purchase request to our suppliers directly after receiving a new order from a client.

We make use of the order advice for our supply chains. In easy2trade, this is flexible and all information is available with a single mouse click. The underlying parameters can be modified very easily, making data changes and new insights come to light. This creates more opportunities to improve the supplying policy.

Because easy2trade saves all data, the acquisition of management information is very simple. The possibility to export data, enabling it to be edited, is also very convenient. A great advantage for users of easy2trade, is that functionalities of it keep growing and are improved constantly.

So we are very happy using easy2trade."

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