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Smooth implementation


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Smooth implementation

When implementing easy2trade, you’ll be assisted by a consultant with experience in your branch. He speaks the same language as your employees, it’s important that easy2trade is customised to optimally fit your company, but also that you make full use of the unique possibilities of easy2trade, which improve your business operations.


All business scenarios discussed

During implementation, all possible business scenarios applicable for your situation are discussed, which helps customise easy2trade to the best. The activities to be executed are planned, secured and documented. In the implementation phase users will be trained. Tests  will be done and data converted to fit the program. When you start using the program, the turnover, inventory, etc. are automatically converted and the latest open buying- and selling orders are imported.

The project budget

The project budget and duration are discussed beforehand. With help of a template comprising our experience of many implementations, the works of INAD and clients will be inventoried and approved by both parties, so no surprises will arise in this stadium.

Quickstart package

With the Quickstart package, you can save a lot of time customising easy2trade. It will prevent mistakes when compiling the base files. It is a great help with the classification in article groups, ISO denomination, weights, different prices, etc. Your people won’t have to  pioneer with translating client and supplier appointments into the new package. The Quickstart package comprises, among other things, the following data:

  • Ca. 35.000 articles from steel retail
  • Article grouping by main-, article- and sub-groups
  • Standard contracts (price and discount agreements) for clients and suppliers
  • Options such as processing, sawing, beaming, painting, cutting, drilling and curving
  • Standard information, such as countries, languages CBS codes, SBI branches, units, postcodes, etc.
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