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Hans Holtzer, director of Galvano Metaal

"With the help of Easy2trade, I am able to monitor and redirect my organisation in real time."

"As an entrepreneur or manager, it’s important to keep on the right track, especially in hectic times. To do this, you need to know about both the external and the internal surroundings of your company. Everyone has his own sources about the external environment. For the internal environment, it’s important to have the right information in real-time, based on which you can govern your enterprise in the best possible way. The advantage of Easy2trade is that you can monitor critical success factors (CSFs) in real-time and from all disciplines. You can configure these very easily.

These factors may differ from company to company. Even every single department has its own CSFs: supplying, sales, logistics, etc. The new development of Easy2trade’s Balanced Scorecards fits this perfectly.

This is not only good for the enterprise itself, but also for the entrepreneur, who already knows what’s going on when he arrives in the morning, and who can then redirect things if needed."