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Arjan Pols, Commercial director at Joseph van de Loo BV

"Because of the task system of Easy2trade, we have a greatly enhanced grip on our organisation."

"Previously, we had many yellow post-it notes on our computer screens, and we used to send each other lots of internal e-mail, prints and all that stuff. A large portion of this has been taken over by Easy2trade. Every user directly sees which things need attention. By clicking on the task, the user sees the necessary information in the blink of an eye, and he can click on “more information” for more information, enabling him to follow up on the case the right way.

We started using Easy2trade in 2011, and people needed time to get used to the new task system. At first they said: “Do I have to execute all of these tasks?” But now it’s clear that these tasks had to be executed before, but that they were assigned to them in a different way: via internal e-mails, lists from the system, yellow post-it notes, talks with colleagues in the hallways, etc. Now, everyone has control over his own tasks. The manager also has insight in which tasks need to be executed, enabling him to direct people to them.

I am sure that Easy2trade enables us to do more work in less time. It leads to better quality, less mistakes and eventually to higher turnovers. Furthermore, the reporting system of Easy2trade is perfect. The system is flexibly designable, according to your own needs. You can filter, sort, drill, add data or remove it. And if that isn’t enough, one press of a button is enough to export the data to Excel.

This way, we can easily draft periodic reports, but ad-hoc reports are also done within a few mouse clicks."