what does easy2trade mean for you?


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easy2trade for Administration

All buying and sales orders related to trade- and production activities are registered in easy2trade.

The buying invoices are easily kept in easy2trade by using match entries. This way, easy2trade can instantly check the correctness of the invoice.


Sales invoices

Sales invoices are automatically generated after the goods have been delivered. Possibilities regarding invoicing are, among other things:

  • Saving up small orders for invoicing
  • Populating information on invoices
  • Direct invoicing, or weekly or monthly invoicing
  • Multiple orders in the same invoice
  • Cash invoicing
  • Credit notes

If the client prefers to, invoices can be automatically sent by e-mail.


easy2trade is not bookkeeping a system

easy2trade doesn’t contain a bookkeeping part, because most of our clients already have their own system, or prefer an existing bookkeeping program. INAD is specialised in steel and technical product wholesales. There are various financial service programs made by specialists in this area. easy2trade can amongst others be linked to the software from Multivers and Accountview.


The data of clients and suppliers

The data of clients and suppliers are automatically sent to the financial software. All financial transactions are kept in journal posts, which are also sent to the financial software package. Buying and sales invoices are put into the system, and outstanding posts are loaded up by easy2trade itself. This helps with establishing the credit rating of a client.


Posts are also available

Because outstanding posts are also available in easy2trade debit tracking can be done in this program. Agreements with clients are kept and also available (if wanted) for sales.
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